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Motor starting relay, amperometric



  • Purpose

    Starting element for domestic and commercial compressors; quick assembly on Fusite for Main and Start connections

  • Characteristics

    • Rated Voltage: 230 V, AC
    • Rated Current:5 A, 10 A (contacts)
    • Ambient Operating Temperatures: Tmin= 0°C,  Tmax = 100 °C
  • Mark Approvals

    • VDE Certificate n. 40015454
    • CVC Product Certificate: CVC16002000502
    • UL Certificate SA32114
  • Materials

    Plastics V0 @ UL94

    All materials are Rohs compliant

  • Traceability

    Production date on terminal board body is marked as ddd/yy, to assure complete traceability of all components.

B.D.G. EL. Srl
Electrical and Electronic Components

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