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BDG was founded in 1954, initially dealing as supplier for Ignis. The products were motoprotectors and amperometric relays. The work was carried out mainly by hand until the first years after 90’s. The industrial turnaround took place for two main reasons, the first was an ever greater search for product quality and process repeatability, the second reason was to react to the signals coming from the market of a possible future attack coming from Chinese manufacturers to our EMEA market with price competitive products. In the 2004  were built the first automatic assembly machine and in the following years the entire production line was highly automated.

At the same time, in addition to having revolutionized business processes, there was a change in mentality. From a purely family business management style, we have been moving on to a management system based on merit and ability. B.D.G. collaborates with external consultants, both on a management and strategic level and on a technical  one.
B.D.G.  collaborates with LIUC Business School, a prestigious management university .  With LIUC’s professors, in 2017 we have been starting a path towards the digitalization of the factory. The developed Data Driven system allows us to more easily analyze production processes and intervene more efficiently and in real time.

Today B.D.G. is continuing to expand its 4.0 system to the entire factory and works to achieve increasingly production automation. At the same time it is committed to research and development in order to improve its products and work with Customers to design and assembly new products.


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B.D.G. EL. Srl
Electrical and Electronic Components

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