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"From Idea to reality"



We want to pursue a Data Driven system where the data of the business processes guides the factory system in an intelligent and proactive manner.

In 2017 BDG, in collaboration with LIUC University in Castellanza (VA) and with the support of external consultants, connected the first assembly line and developed a dedicated software which reads information directly from the PLC of an assembly machine; all the data from the machine are stored in a relational database and analyzed by an application developed to show, in a dashboard (touchscreen panel), all the process outputs, visible to everyone in the factory. In detail, the information collected and shown, concerns production, downtime and scraps. By these data we have a real-time OEE indicator about our production lines. Subsequently other machines have been connected to this Industry 4.0 system and others will be soon.



We have internally developed a dedicated software system to collect all maintenance operations inside the factory. Information, crossed and related to data coming from the machine's PLCs, gives us the possibility  to monitor in detail the status of our machinery and intervene in a more punctual and precise manner.



BDG is constantly committed to improve offered services and to collaborate with Customers to develop new projects or to optimize products with new features. To complete the design activities, BDG uses a 3D printer which allow to reduce considerably times and costs of prototyping and to give immediately the idea of final product.


The propensity to design new solutions and to respond to market and individual Customer requests, is in the DNA of BDG: we work with a 3D software that allows us to share ideas and we design with our Customers and Suppliers in a co-design perspective.


BDG introduced the automation for its own production lines few decades ago; we always are focused to try to automate any new process, increasing productivity and reliability of products reducing human errors and defectiveness.


B.D.G. EL. Srl
Electrical and Electronic Components

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