B.D.G. El. is a dynamic  Italian manufacturing company, operating in the electromechanical and electronic components market for the household appliance sector. A company that has been able to grow over the years both on the Italian market and on the international scene, keep an eye on the future trying to extend business again.


In over 60 years of production, it has confirmed and consolidated the concept of quality and reliability of its products worldwide. The certainty of this statement is the feedback from Customers that confirm our strong quality and strong technical knowledge.


The designs of our products and the designs of all the components are property of B.D.G., both plastic and metal parts. This gives B.D.G. high stability in the supply process.


B.D.G.’ s turnover has been constantly growing since 2013 up today. In 2019 it is expected that it will grow by 8%. Also the number of our Customers has grown over time, going to interest more and more areas in the world.


B.D.G. El. introduced high-level management and technology criteria into organization, making every day new efforts adapting products and processes to the continuous different requests from the market. A market that is changing every day and asks for technical and business improving.


B.D.G.’ s products have constantly evolved over time. Our desire to distinguish ourselves and to satisfy the needs of our Customers, has led us to continuous research into the improvement of product features.  Fundamental for B.D.G. are the flexibility and the ability to design, in real time, dedicated solutions for Customers in a context of "Design for Customers".   B.D.G. invests strategically every year in research and development  more than 4% of its turnover.


After years of experience, B.D.G.  manages with flexibility every fluctuation and extra requirements from Customers, allowing to them to react to market without delays.


Find our Costumers

BDG is extended all over the world and the above map is showing you that we are going to widen our business to other continents. Our continuous development of products and industrial processes allows B.D.G. to offer the same services to closer and far away Customers. B.D.G. is always ready to support our partners in any situation and gives strong importance to relationship that should be built for good cooperation.

B.D.G. is the supplier of some of the biggest Company producers of small and large domestic and commercial appliances and of some compressor designers and manufacturers. B.D.G.’ s products are widely used in the Refrigeration and Cooking market.

  • Italy

  • Spain

  • Germany

  • USA

  • Austria

  • Hungary

  • Slovakia

  • Poland

  • Turkey

  • Bangladesh

  • South Africa

  • China

  • Russia

phone: +39 0332 743390


Via Piave 38, 21020 Bardello (VA)

P. IVA 01322870120


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