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  • OLP

    OLP stays for “overload motor protector” for hermetic and semi-hermetic compressor motors.

    BDG produces OLP with different connection types, for assembly in different terminal boards or free standing.

    • Purpose

      Prevention of damage in electrical compressors due to voltage overload or thermal overload conditions, or in locked rotor conditions.

    • Characteristics

      • Rated Voltage: 115 V; 250 V, AC
      • Rated Current: 6 A up to 11,0 A
      • Operating Temperatures: Tmin= 0°C;   Tmax = 150 °C
    • Mark Approvals

      • VDE Certificate n. 40004067
      • UL Certificate File E213500
      • CVC Product Certificate: CVC16002000497
    • Materials

      Plastics V0 @ UL94,  PTI 175 V.

      All materials are Rohs compliant.

    • Traceability

      Production date on body is marked as ddd/yy, to assure complete traceability of all components.

    • Advantages

      • Internal configuration of the protector ensures two different electrical contact points in the circuit: in case of damage for one of the two contacts, the second can continue to work and to protect the application;
      • Bimetallic disk is constrained to the calibration screw: in this way the motor protector can work correctly in every position (horizontal, vertical, oblique, upside down, ...)
      • Calibration of opening temperature is carried out by a calibration screw in a hot air system, which guarantees a high precision adjustment for each protector.
      • The structure of the motor protector is able to ensure the application both for domestic and commercial compressors.
    • Customer approvals

      Approved and used by Whirlpool, Electrolux, Jiaxipera, WanBao, Donper, NIDEC, Huayi, Tecumseh France, Embraco

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