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Electronic Starter ES1B (black case)
  • Electronic Starter ES1B (black case)

    Electronic Starter ES1B is designed for hermetic motor compressors, based on MIT series. It’s available in four versions, to fit as well as possible the requests of compressor Manufacturers.

    • Characteristics

      Rated Voltage: AC 250 V

      Operating Voltage (Max): 240 V (± 10%), 50 Hz

      Compressor Run Capacitor (Max): 5 μF

      Ambient Temperature (Max): 60 °C

      Temperature limits of the switch head: Tmin= 0°C,  Tmax = 85 °C; Tmin = -25 °C tested in BDG Lab

      First time conductivity: 950-1100 ms, typical value @ 23 °C, 230 V; depending on starting refrigerator conditions. 

    • Other Characteristics

      Pin and tab terminals: 4.8 x 0.8 mm

      PTC contacts: Stainless Steel AISI 301

    • Types

      • Type  S*1xx    With Triac 8 A, Rated Current:  max 8 A; PTC pill EPCOS A196 
      • Type  S*2xx    With Triac 8 A, Rated Current:  max 8 A; PTC pill EPCOS A590
      • Type  D*1xx   With Triac 10 A,  Rated Current:  max 8 A, No Varistor 
    • Mark Approvals

      VDE  Certificate n. 40014327

      CVC Product Certificate: CVC16002000750

    • Materials

      Plastics V0 @ UL94, CTI = 600 V, high GW, Halogen Free

      All materials are Rohs compliant.

    • Traceability

      Production date on terminal board body is marked as ddd/yy, to assure complete traceability of all components.

    • Advantages

      In refrigerator assembly line

      • Easy to assembly, Lean oriented
      • 17 electrical connecting points in basic proposal
      • Possibility to adopt Rast 5 connectors
      • Electrical connections in frontal position, easy to assembly and to control directly by operator

    B.D.G. EL. Srl
    Electrical and Electronic Components

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